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I joined the Yahoo Equine Cushings group in 2006 because my little princess, Dazzle, just wasn’t herself. Through invaluable advice, Dazzle’s life changed. On the list, supplements were sometimes suggested. It seemed a hassle to have to order everything from different places, hence the creation of My Best Horse.

Wanting further knowledge, I attended graduate school. I started reading research articles. I was fascinated that so many of the articles applied to us as horse owners, but the message seemed to get lost in the technical language. I was determined to write articles that could clearly explain how this research applies to us.


Joan Kulifay graduated from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, with a Master of Science in Equine Science. She is currently pursuing a second master's degree in Pain Management. She lives in Southern California with her new princesses, Misty, Saaver, and little Coco.