MBH Research


MBH Research is a compilation of research article reviews. Content on this site is based on referenced research papers. As new information becomes available, some of the content may change or become outdated.
This website contains free, short article summaries that discuss the significance of published research. There is a wealth of information published on the internet, both accurate and inaccurate. The difficulty with reading a peer-reviewed, published research article lies in understanding the article, then what it it means to us as horse keepers. Frequently, important observations are overlooked because we don't understand the implications of the findings.

There is a wealth of information on the internet, but its difficult to know what information is reliable, based on current research. The free articles of MBH Research are designed with a "Take Home Message" of how this research applies to us. Some of these articles are adapted from my writings with Dr. Kellon's e-zine, The Horse's Mouth.

The articles on MBH Research are geared to the horse owner to help us make better decisions regarding our horses.